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Aldalaeel company for general trading was founded in  1998 in Iraq and another office was opened in amman-jordan in 2006 .

The mother company consists of three sub companies which all related to aldalaeel for general trading company.

The three companies are :

1- Al-Ain Al-Safia.
2- Akad co.
3- Aldalaeel for storage.

We import pharmaceutical row materials and devices from around the worlds , China , Europe ,Malaysia ,India , We export them to our factories in Iraq. We import COS certificate holder materials and GMP holding materials from great manufacturing factories in Europe and Malaysia . also we hold agency for different factories around the world.

the company owns a storage for row materials in Iraq-Samarra for distribution and selling the row materials directly to factories.

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Location: Jordan-Amman-Wasfi Al-Tal Street
Islamic Bank Complex-Building Number 23-Office Number 411
Tel: +96265546370

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